Feb 14 2019 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Valentine's Day LOVE Lounge & Cacao Ceremony

Alex Crow and Mary Mailhot

Join long time friends and collaborators, Alex Crow and Mary Mailhot, in shared heart-space to celebrate the True Love that never wavers. With the grounding support of ceremonial Cacao, we will share sacred circle and call in the energy of Love and Unity together, strengthening our personal and collective Heart-field. We will explore our personal connection to our hearts through shared song, gentle movement, conscious touch and a guided candlelight meditation. Come with a dear friend, a lover, a partner, or by yourself! This will be a Divine night of inviting acceptance of self and other, as we find ease in the open space for pure heart-based communication and connection! May we all open to the medicine of the Heart!

(We recommend that you refrain from consuming caffeine or other stimulants prior to taking cacao, as cacao is known to increase blood flow by up to 40%! This gentle heart medicine is best taken on a relatively empty stomach, so we recommend either refraining from eating or eating light up to 2 hours prior)

If you have any questions please contact Alex directly: alexcrow@groundedcrown.com

$30 per person

Alex Crow

Alex Crow

Class Instructor

Alex believes that the practices of yoga come alive and evolve as nature does, but at their core abides a pure intention. Yoga is a path, a way of life bringing beings back to their natural state of union, connection, and wholeness. For Alex, yoga began as a rehabilitation practice to assist her life as a professional dancer. As the years of injuries unraveled, so did the energetic and emotional blocks that were held within those hurt tissues. These discoveries of healing have been the inspiration for a life dedicated to assisting others with their own healing processes.

Her classes are challenging just as much as they are nurturing. She strives to create a safe space for yogis to explore the terrain of the body-mind, discover their unique anatomy, and deepen a sensitivity to the power that flows through us all. An honest mover, Yoga therapist and Reiki master, Alex shares her deep passion for movement as a form of expression and a source of healing.

Alex discovered Laughing Lotus through a friend’s recommendation, and it was literally love at first breath. From that point forward, the studio has been her sanctuary, her hOMe away from home, and has continued to house her personal growth with the support of its strong community and very special teachings and teachers that flow through its doors.

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