About Us

One of SF’s most beloved independent woman-owned yoga studios.

We are so honored to introduce you to the newest incarnation of our center, fondly called “The Lotus” as it has danced through many forms for 25 years! This space is an homage to our humble roots in the village in NYC when we opened the doors to our first simple sanctuary in 1999, nestled over a jazz bar and next door to the legendary StoneWall on Christopher Street. We wanted to share the transformative practices of yoga as a healing salve that had been passed down to us through our teachers and our teachers' teachers, way back to ancient caves in India and our own ancestors that brought us so much peace and joy and awakened compassion in our hearts to be of service to our world.

Our Story

Since then, we have gone through many transformations and have learned and grown so much through life's great Gurus:

the blessings and challenges of daily life, as we have welcomed each one through the doors and onto the mat to move, breathe, sit and change with and learn from to be of greater service to a higher good.

And so... we've renamed the new sanctuary, LOTUSLAND YOGA SF, to honor our roots and continue to grow branches like the eight limbs of Yoga reaching and stretching the blessings of Yoga's values and ethics of equality into our streets and all aspects of our lives to honor Yoga's timeless traditions and roots.

We want you to feel at home here. The creation of The Lotus has always been about creating a temple --- to honor our bodies as temples of the spirit. To honor our uniqueness, bow to both our differences and our shared ONEness that does not equal sameness. This is an intimate and cozy space that we hope will invite more individual attention to your personal needs as yoga has always meant to support. We want you to feel seen, heard and respected.

Our Values

Yoga & Social Change

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We aim to bring the inspiring teachings, teachers, beauty, transformation and community we love to YOU through creative, dynamic and devotional vinyasa, gentle and healing hatha, mindful meditation and mystical music – all steeped in Yoga’s timeless ethics and philosophy. We are devoted to offering a safe space of inclusivity and making yoga accessible to ALL regardless of financial or physical ability and believe our personal practice of yoga is directly linked to the happiness and freedom of all beings.

Join us for Community Class on Fridays & Saturdays, donation-based classes that support our Love Saves the Day initiative.

June 2024 Partnership

Doctors Without Borders

Join us in honoring Yoga and the studios main mission of personal healing and transformation for a higher good and offer the fruits of your practice to be of service to others. Jasmine's 23 year old class benefits a different non-profit every month!

Love Saves the Day Benefit Vinyasa every Saturday 11am

Learn More About Doctors Without Borders

We celebrate diversity

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We value every body and celebrate diversity. We recognize that oneness doesn't equal sameness.

You don't have to look, move or act a certain way to fit in. Our mantra is move like yourself and we encourage your unique expression.

Check out our various class styles so you can find a practice that suits your needs! Or reach out to us to arrange a private or small group lesson with one of our incredible teachers.

The best yoga class I’ve attended since 2020 or maybe ever. Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge and I want to learn it all from her. This is the greatest yoga studio in SF.


Wonderful, heart-opening class that blended intention and strength. Great for the body and soul! Lovely little studio.


It's been ages since I've either been to a yoga class or even practiced. So making it back into a studio was rather intimidating. I went to a Wednesday morning, Sunrise Flow class with Nikita, and it felt so good!


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