Special Classes, Events & Workshops

Yoga for Absolute Beginners

with Tony Asaro

Welcome to the fundamentals of Yoga! Begin your practice with this special workshop designed by Tony and developed for those who are brand new to yoga, coming back or those who desire receiving more attention to detail, alignment and using props to support building a safe and informed yoga practice that you will love!

You will learn the basic principles of asanas or postures, yogic breathing practices, meditation and philosophy an an inclusive and non-intimidating environment to begin a life long journey towards physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This workshop will prepare you to step into one of our Basic Flow classes and build familiarity with the yoga practices to incorporate more mindfulness into every part of your life.

Includes one week of FREE Yoga at Lotusland

The Heart of Yoga: Bhakti and Backbends

A Workshop Honoring the Yogic Path of Love and Devotion
With Rowena Mittal, MS, PhD, CYT

Discover the heart-centered marg (yogic path) of bhakti through the lens of Indian-American yoga teacher, Rowena Mittal, MS, PhD, CYT. In this workshop, we will explore how bhakti, the path of devotion and love, connects deeply with our thoughts and actions, allowing us to feel and express love toward ourselves and others fully in our daily lives. Bhakti marg is one of four yogic paths that also include jnana marg (the path of knowledge), raja marg (the path of mind/meditation), or karma marg (the path of action/service). Practiced alone or together with other paths, bhakti fosters a deep connection with Source. “When we love selflessly, it is a divine love, the love that is referred to as bhakti in the Bhagavad Gita. We see divinity in every aspect of the universe and can do no harm to ourselves or others.” - Rusty Wells

Join us for this enriching Bhakti Yoga workshop and deepen your connection to the art and science of yoga through the principles of devotion and love and deep back bending asanas to open the heart.

Let’s come together to sweat, sing, study, and shine a light on the sacred practices and teachings of yoga through movement, mantra and meditation. Together, we'll deepen our relationship with ourselves and the world around us, cultivating a heart-centered approach to every thought, breath, and action.Whether you're new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice, this workshop offers something for everyone. For teachers, this workshop may inspire ways to infuse your classes with Bhakti.

Reiki I & II Weekend Training

Take the first step towards a life-changing journey of healing, growth, and spiritual awakening. Your path to becoming a Reiki healer begins here.

Unlock the profound healing power within you by joining our transformative Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki I & II training. This immersive two-day course is designed for beginners as well as Yoga Teachers wanting to enhance their skills and those looking to deepen their Reiki practice, providing a comprehensive foundation in Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki. Throughout this training, you will learn to connect with and channel the universal life force energy, enhancing your ability to promote healing and balance in yourself and others. You will be introduced to the history and principles of Reiki, the unique aspects of Holy Fire® energy, and the specific symbols and techniques that will empower you as a practitioner. Our course covers practical applications and hands-on practice sessions, allowing you to gain confidence and proficiency in giving and receiving Reiki treatments. You will also explore advanced healing techniques, discover methods for protection and removing unwanted energies, and learn about the chakra system and aura. In addition to the technical aspects of Reiki, this training offers valuable insights and resources for starting and growing a successful Reiki practice. You will receive guidance on client management, business strategies, and tips for integrating Reiki into your daily life and professional endeavors.

Investment: Early Bird Rate: $425 (Register by July 15) Regular Rate: $495 (After July 15)

Majestic Mala Daylong Retreat

Welcome to Lotusland's Majestic Mala Daylong Retreat with the wonderful, Jasvinder Singh “Jazzy” Aul!

This is a unique and creative experience for individuals looking to explore their creativity with mindfulness. This workshop provides a space for participants to learn the art of creating beautiful and meaningful 108-bead malas with beaded tassels, while also fostering a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Join us as we guide you through the process of tying knots, and infusing your intentions into each mala you create while also sharing the spiritual significance of each component of a mala. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mala maker, this workshop is designed to inspire and empower you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Come join us and unleash your creativity with our Majestic Mala Workshop!

This one-day workshop will provide participants with the historical understanding and practical skills to create their own unique 108-bead mala (prayer beads).  A full day of breath work to release stress, mantra or affirmation to create a calm demeanour and supply options to get the creative energy flowing.  In a serene environment, conducive to learning a new jewelry technique, each participant will have the opportunity and access to step-by-step instruction on how to create their own one-of-a-kind mala with beaded tassel under the guidance of a seasoned Yogi and Jewelry Designer/Creator. You will go home with your completed sacred work of art to enrich your personal mantra and meditation practice or create this incredible offering as a gift for your loved ones. 

$65 for workshop + Sliding scale bead prices 

ReTreat Yourself! Lotusland Yoga Retreat with Zoë

Treat yourself to rest, rejuvenation, and an island adventure! This yoga retreat is for you to connect with yourself, the lush island environment, and an intimate group dedicated to healing, self-reflection, and joy. An opportunity to strengthen your yoga practice and replenish your spirit through rest, exploration and fresh, tropical food. 

Wake up to ocean waves and sleep to the sounds of the rainforest at a luxury beachfront villa in the sweet little surf town of Rincón, Puerto Rico. Enjoy twice daily yoga practice on an open air terrace to release tension from your body, worries from your mind, and invite rejuvenation to your whole self.  

Shared & Private rooms available starting at $1970 Contact: zoe@lotuslandyogasf.com for room availability and payment

Super Sutra Sequencing 20Hr Training

Reignite your passion for your practice and teaching through practicing and teaching Yoga as Embodied Philosophy!

Step out of your comfort zone and explore weaving the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through your teaching and practice by bringing yoga’s timeless teaching to life through the lens of Lotus Flows’ dynamic and devotional dance and discipline of creative sequencing.

Jasmine Tarkeshi and Kate Duyn will bring the wisdom and creativity from their years of personal practice, study and teaching to facilitate a space for disciplined practice: Tapas, svadyaya: self study and inquiry and Isvarapranidhana: surrender and service. You will be inspired and initiated into becoming a more confident, creative and compassionate teacher as you deepen your devotion to your personal Sadhana and self study and be encouraged to teach and practice through the lens of your own lived experience.

This intensive and 300 hour advanced module focuses on the architecture of Lotus Flow and allowing your personal expression of Asana and Dharma of the Sutras to shine through. The Yoga Sutras are time tested recipes that work, while our Lotus Flow Vinyasa allows us to throw in whatever we have in the cosmic kitchen of the moment and create something new. Together, we can anchor our practice and teaching to integrate both sides of our brain towards Unity.

Jasmine Tarkeshi

Lotus Flow Chakra 10Hr Training

Join Jasmine Tarkeshi, Co-Creator of the signature Chakra based Lotus Flow Vinyasa Yoga, on a Journey through sequencing and practicing through the chakras!

One of the standout qualities of the beloved practice of Lotus Flow, co-created in 1999, is how balanced and complete one feels through the devotion, dance and discipline of Lotus sequencing. This is because of the graceful and conscious movement through the 7 fold chakra system, the ancient Indian healing system and bridge between our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual selves as well as to world around us.

This sequencing is known as Vinyasa Krama, as developed by Sri Krishnamachariya which means " wise progression " where each asana is a preparation for the next, as each chakra's opening prepares for the next level of consciousness. As we nourish each part of ourselves from root to crown, with breath, movement and intention, we awaken to our spiritual anatomy through our physical anatomy and unlock and unblock our creative potential and heal and transform. Join us on this journey of discovery and self-exploration that balances every part of our selves and our lives and integrates mind, body and spirit to help us live more fully. Perfect for yoga teachers looking for inspiration and wanting to share this enlivened and transformative practice with their students or anyone who wants to experience more depth, joy, and freedom through their practice of yoga.

Embodying the Bhagavad Gita through the Chakras

Join Jasmine Tarkeshi, Founder of Lotusland Yoga SF (previously Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers) and Co-Creator of Lotus Flow TM Vinyasa yoga for a 5 day, 25 Hour intensive, training and retreat to Soul Tribe Yoga in Batemans Bay, Austraiia! Let’s reunite in conscious community and soak in the nectar of the teachings and practices of Yoga’s inspiring and transformative spiritual text, the Bhagavad Gita and bring them to life in a personal way as we journey through the Cakras though movement, mantra, Mudra and Meditation.

This intensive with be broken down into 5, 5 Hour days and will revolve around some of the major themes of The Gita and 7 major Cakras. Through Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Mantra along with journaling and personal inquiry, group discussion and teaching, habit exploration and reforming we will invoke personal change and action, transforming our inner dialogue and outer practices. Together we will create a safe and brave space to look at exploring deeply rooted conditioning about who we are, outlining practical ways in which we can use our practice and teaching to create inner and outer change. Through exploring yogic concepts and tradition, this intersection challenges us to look deeper into both the universality of the human experience as well as its important differences. Through compassionate awareness of both our unity and our separateness can lead to greater equity and justice in our world.

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