Special Classes, Events & Workshops

Reggaeton Yoga

A once monthly special edition of Friday Night Live!

An active vinyasa to a playlist full of your favorite Reggaeton songs! This is an opportunity to change it up. Our yoga practice gives us the freedom to try new things and tap into playfulness while still keeping the integrity of our asana and the tenants of yoga. Expect uplifting language, big smiles, and dance breaks between vinyasas!

Spring Teacher Training Info Session with Jasmine & Lotus Grads

Want to know if this program is for you? Early Bird pricing ends December 15th so we're holding an info session to share all the amazing details of our celebrated program and you can bring all your questions to Jasmine and some Lotus grads. Come and take Jasmine's 11am class then stay for tea and cookies and get inspired to take your practice to the next level! Receive an additional $100 discount from the Early Bird price when you attend

Yoga Nidra & Healing Sound Bath

Join Meditation Teacher Malcolm McQuirter and Sound Healing Practitioner Eric Cetnarski for a special Relaxing and Restorative Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation and Sound Bath. Yoga Nidra is known as the science of sleep. It is the practice within the Yoga tradition that emphasizes deep relaxation with complete awareness. When the mind and body consciously relax, the nervous system shifts from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”. In a sound ‘bath’ you sit or lie on the floor and let the sound and vibrations of quartz crystal and brass bowls 'wash' away your stress. Eric's practice draws upon both the art and science of sound healing.

Absolute Beginner's Workshop with Amanda Moran

New to Yoga? This is for you! Expect slower, more in-depth instruction for the key asana you might experience in an all-levels class, with special attention to alignment and using props to support building a safe and informed practice. This workshop will prepare you to step into one of our Basic Flow classes, build awareness and familiarity with poses so you can confidently try our signature class, Lotus Flow Vinyasa Yoga. With this class you also get one FREE WEEK of unlimited yoga at Lotusland!

Mantras, Mudras, & Mythology Weekend Immersion

(Friday 2-7pm / Saturday 11am-7pm / Sunday 11am-7pm) Get ready to deepen, inspire, uplift and transform your yoga practice, teaching and life! Through their decades of dedicated study, practice and teaching, Kate and Jasmine, Lotus FLow legends, will lead you on a powerful, practical and creative journey of deep, devotional and joyful practice, yogic study and self discovery to uplift and heal  and become leavening agents in our world! This exciting training will bring to life Yoga's rich teachings through the lense of mythology and storytelling and embodying the wisdom through the chakras, mantras and mudras (spiritual hand gestures that tell stories through sacred sign language).  Perfect for yoga teachers looking for inspiration and wanting to share an enlivened and transformative practice with their students or for yogis who want to experience more depth, joy, and freedom through their practice of yoga. Tuition: $500  $425 if paid before October 10th $300 for Virtual 10% off for Lotusland Members 20% off for Lotus Grads

Vegan Yoga Retreat to Mexico

Restore, Recover, Rejoice and set your resolutions into motion in the sacred jungles, sand and sea of Mexico!

Jasmine Tarkeshi of Lotusland Yoga SF and Colleen Holland of VegNews Vegan lifestyle magazine will guide you on their epic and transformative weeklong retreat unplugged in paradise at the incredible Hara Mara retreat center in Sayulita Nayarit, Mexico. After a couple stressful years for so many of us, this retreat will be the mystic medicine to heal our bodies, minds and hearts immersed and nurtured in nature, the ocean, delicious and nutritious vegan food, blissful and powerful yoga, meditation and inspiring community. Join us in ringing in 2023 by honoring the ethics and values of yogic/vegan living as real resolutions to create not only positive change and healing in our own lives but being a part of the real change our planet needs to heal. You will enjoy sunrise meditation and hikes, two daily yoga classes with Jasmine vegan cooking classes and insanely yummy food 3 times a day, private yoga (with Jasmine ) nighttime beach bon fires, star gazing, traditional Mexican Temascal sweat lodges and massages, days resting and reading by the salt water infinity pool or in the ocean, immersed and at one with nature and your own nature within the sacred jungles of Mexico. Our days come to a close with fireside chats and journaling and discussing how we can take our veganism off the plate and yoga off the mat when we return to our daily lives. This year will be especially poignant as we begin 2023 decompressed and transformed with clearer vision and open minds and hearts, ready to make the changes we need for a more healthy, joyful and meaningful life to serve our world. Haramara is locally run and built in harmony with the environment. No electricity! Soothe your senses with the sounds of nature, candles and oil lamps lighting the paths and open cabins over the sea. Single, double or group room rates available. Come with loved ones or alone and be supported in conscious community from around the world. Sign up now and we’ll see you there! Plane tickets are still super inexpensive right to Puerto Vallarta and a quick shuttle will be waiting for you

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