Special Classes, Events & Workshops

Jivamukti Vinyasa & Sound Bath

A guided Jivamukti vinyasa yoga class that seamlessly transitions into a live-music meditative and healing sound bath. 

Expect a well-rounded flowing practice designed to make you move and sweat as well as encourage curiosity and spiritual activation that flows gently into a long-form sound bath using sound healing instruments including antique singing bowls from the Himalayas imbued with healing mantras. The frequency of the bowls create vibrational sound harmonics that impact the sympathetic nervous system by engaging the relaxation reflex, (and disrupting the pain reflex) creating an overall deep sense of well being, meditation and relaxation. 

Community Acupuncture & Breathwork Experience

with Jordanna Eve Dworkin, L.Ac

Awaken your Spring spirit with a refreshing Community Acupuncture + Breathwork Experience. SF acupuncturist / fitness mixologist / global retreat leader Jordanna Eve Dworkin, L.Ac. combines guided breathwork, self-care tui na massage techniques and light-touch acupuncture for energetic balancing and healing. Reset your nervous system and hone fresh insights with focused acu-point activation. Harmonize qi and soak in the beauty of this profound experience surrounded by a loving, supportive community. 

New to acupuncture? Steeped in over 5,000 years of tradition, this ancient practice consists of guiding fine, sterilized needles through specific points along energetic channels invisible to the naked eye. An exquisitely curated selection of acu-points beckons a smooth flow of qi that relaxes the body, improves focus, awakens mental clarity and welcomes new visions into the intuitive sphere. Shift into Spring with this uplifting journey of the spirit! 

Please bring layers, a thick yoga mat, pillows, and other cozy comforts for our journey.   $45 per person

Majestic Mala Daylong Retreat

Welcome to Lotusland's Majestic Mala Daylong Retreat with the wonderful, Jasvinder Singh “Jazzy” Aul!

This is a unique and creative experience for individuals looking to explore their creativity with mindfulness. This workshop provides a space for participants to learn the art of creating beautiful and meaningful 108-bead malas with beaded tassels, while also fostering a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Join us as we guide you through the process of tying knots, and infusing your intentions into each mala you create while also sharing the spiritual significance of each component of a mala. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mala maker, this workshop is designed to inspire and empower you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Come join us and unleash your creativity with our Majestic Mala Workshop!

This one-day workshop will provide participants with the historical understanding and practical skills to create their own unique 108-bead mala (prayer beads).  A full day of breath work to release stress, mantra or affirmation to create a calm demeanour and supply options to get the creative energy flowing.  In a serene environment, conducive to learning a new jewelry technique, each participant will have the opportunity and access to step-by-step instruction on how to create their own one-of-a-kind mala with beaded tassel under the guidance of a seasoned Yogi and Jewelry Designer/Creator. You will go home with your completed sacred work of art to enrich your personal mantra and meditation practice or create this incredible offering as a gift for your loved ones. 

$65 for workshop + Sliding scale bead prices 

ReTreat Yourself! Lotusland Yoga Retreat with Zoë

Treat yourself to rest, rejuvenation, and an island adventure! This yoga retreat is for you to connect with yourself, the lush island environment, and an intimate group dedicated to healing, self-reflection, and joy. An opportunity to strengthen your yoga practice and replenish your spirit through rest, exploration and fresh, tropical food. 

Wake up to ocean waves and sleep to the sounds of the rainforest at a luxury beachfront villa in the sweet little surf town of Rincón, Puerto Rico. Enjoy twice daily yoga practice on an open air terrace to release tension from your body, worries from your mind, and invite rejuvenation to your whole self.  

Shared & Private rooms available starting at $1970 Contact: zoe@lotuslandyogasf.com for room availability and payment

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