July 27 2019 | 4:30 - 6:00pm

Mindful Movement POP UP Class

Laura Schadler

If you've been to one of Laura's classes, you know how much she loves to add a little bit of creative prop work into the flow! Often misunderstood as something you need only if a certain shape is out of your reach, props are actually an incredible tool to deepen your practice - props can increase proprioception (body awareness), provide an opportunity to understand alignment in a more individualized way, and actually make certain poses more challenging as we recruit muscles more effectively and find new patterns of movement in familiar shapes.

This class will incorporate blocks, straps, and blankets in creative ways to help you find increased stability and mobility. You will explore the importance of functional movement in yoga and leave with tools to make your yoga practice empowered and sustainable both on and off the mat.

$21 (class cards accepted)

Laura Schadler

Class Instructor

Laura believes in the transformative and accessible nature of yoga. Her classes focus on gentle, interdisciplinary, and functional movement with the aim of building both steadiness and spaciousness. She is a Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga teacher and has a certification in Yoga for Cancer Survivors.

The moment Laura walked in the Lotus doors, she felt welcomed into the community and the practice of Lotus Flow. There was no judgement, no competition, and no expectations. Every Lotus student was guided through an authentic and empowering practice, and she continues to offer that same guidance to her students.

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